About Us

We are into Entertainment, Media, Advertising, IT Solutions and E-Training

Supa Fik

Supa Fik (Tolulope Yusuff) is a creative technopreneur, associate publisher, multimedia technologist and a webmaster.

He also has vast knowledge in digital marketing, and he is a computer software trainer. Supa is a graduate of Computer Science, and he is the founder and owner of Supatainment Media; an organization into Entertainment, Advertising, Media, IT Solutions and E-Training.

Supatainment has subsidiary companies which includes: Supatainment News, Supamovie, Supa SEO tools, HealthFAQ  and Supamarket.  

Supa is a prolific motivational writer, he is the author and podcaster of an inspirational media production called Supa7 Media which is titled “Supa7 ways on how to change your mindset.”

Our Vision

Our Mission Statements

SUPATAINMENT NEWS: To offer undiluted entertainment news and information at its peak for the amusement of entertainment folks.

SUPABIZ NEWS: To give update, information and analysis in the financial and business world.

SUPA7 MEDIA: To enlightens and motivates listeners by changing their mindset using a psychological approach.

SUPAMOVIE: To entertain our viewers with free unlimited movies to relax and cool their stressful moment.

SUPA INSURANCE: To protect and guarantee a well planned insured life by reducing the financial and life loss

Our Vision Statements

SUPATAINMENT NEWS: To change the future by contributing immensely to the entertainment news and information space.

SUPABIZ NEWS:  To make all business risk-takers and calculated risk-takers as an entrepreneur to get prepared for the future market structure. 

SUPA7 MEDIA: To change listeners behavioural and psychological mindset in order to have a beneficial effect on the future.   

SUPAMOVIE: To make high-quality movies accessible to viewers at no cost, at any time, any day without limitation.

SUPA INSURANCE: To insure, protect and secure the future.